PIU PRIME2 v2.03.0, v2.03.1 USB update troubleshooting guide

We have found a problem that USB update is not working properly in v2.03.0 and v2.03.1.
Internet Update works normally, so we recommend online update to solve the problem.

If your version is v2.02.0 or earlier, please use v2.03.0a update file included in v2.04.0 update guide, you can update by USB normally.

If your version is already v2.03.0 and the USB update does not work normally, you can proceed to update to v2.04.0 by the following information below.

Please refer to the following to fix the problem.


1.     Advance Preparation

1)   1GB or more USB drive is required.

2)   Click HERE to download the USB_RECOVERY image file.

3)   Visit https://etcher.io/ and download the installation file of your PC OS version and install it.

4)   While you proceed this, all data of USB drive will be deleted, so please be sure to back up your data before proceeding.

5)   Please make sure that the USB port setting of the pump is correct in SETUP MENU.


2.     How to create a recovery USB drive

1)   Connect the USB drive you want to use to your PC.

2)   After installed Etcher program runs, click Select image on the following screen.


3)   After clicking Select Image, select the recovery_usb.img.gz you already downloaded, and click the Flash button.



4)   When you click Flash, you can see the progress screen as below.


When Flashing is completed, you can see the completed screen as below.



3.   How to use recovery USB drive

   Check the currently installed Motherboard specification in PRIME2 SETUP MENU- > SYSTEM INFORMATION screen.

1)     Connect keyboard and recovery USB drive to MK BOX.


2)     Turn on PIU machine.

3)     When the screen on PIU machine is like below, press enter the boot menu key.


    <865, 945, G31 boot screen , Press F12 key>


    <G41, H81 Boot screen , press F11 key>


4)     Select a boot first device as USB.

A.      865, 945, G31 Motherboard


Select Hard Disk from the Boot menu,


If you see USB-HDD as above picture, press Enter to run recovery USB drive.

In case there is no USB-HDD , press ESC to return to boot menu .


Press Enter at USB-HDD on the bottom to run BOOT USB.


B.      G41, H81 Motherboard



   As above, select the USB.


5)     Recovery will be automatically done once BOOT USB runs.

6)     When  recovery is completed normally, a message will be displayed, then remove keyboard & USB from MK BOX and restart PIU machine.

7)     After PIU machine is restarted, it will be updated automatically.

8)     In case of V2.03.0, PIU machine is restarted 3 times automatically, in case of v2.03.1 PIU machine is restarted 2 times automatically.