PIU 2015 PRIME 1.05.0 Update Information

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PIU 2015 PRIME 1.05.0 Update Information

Thank everyone for playing PIU 2015 PRIME.
We announce the update of PIU 2015 PRIME 1.05.0 version!

★ How to update ★
1. Prepare recognizable USB for the machine.
2. Please download PRIME v1.05.0 update patch file, and then save it on the root of your USB.

link 1 : (1.05.0 patch)

link 2 : (1.05.0 patch)

3. Lastly, insert USB into the machine of PRIME, then press “Test” button located in the service box of machine and go to "SETUP / USB DRIVE" menu and select "SYSTEM UPDATE"
The update will be processed and rebooted automatically.

* If the machine is connected with internet, update file will be downloaded automatically and the update will be processed when the machine is rebooted.
(Downloading depends on Internet speed)

★ Update notice ★

1. For updates, we highly recommend using official PIU USB. (Some USBs might be incompatible).

2. It is not able to update the latest version without installing previous versions.

(You are required to update as following order 1.01.0 -> 1.01.1 -> 1.02.0 -> 1.03.0 -> 1.04.0 -> 1.05.0)

* We attached these previous patch files for your convenience.

( 1.01.0 patch -> 1.01.1 patch -> 1.02.0 patch -> 1.03.0 patch -> 1.04.0 patch -> 1.05.0 patch )

3. You must put the update file on USB root. (Do not put it in any other folders)


★ Update list ★

1. NEW Songs
1) Song : Venus

Artist : Shinwha

BPM : 126

Default step chart : S2, S3, S5, S14, D6, D14

2) Song : You got me crazy

Artist : MAX

BPM : 160

Default step chart : S4, S9, D5

Unlock step chart : S?, S?, D?

2. New unlock step charts

Song : Interference

Artist : Doin

Unlock step chart : D?

3. Quest zone

Quest “Chapter5” is updated.

1) Hate, Don't hate!

Step chart : S4, S6, S15, S17

2) Oy Oy Oy

Step chart : S8, S13, D13, D17

3) Windmill

Step chart : S13, S17, D18, D19

4) Cleaner

Step chart : S12, S18, D20, D22

5) Elise

Step chart : D13, D16, D23, D24

4. Favorite and Custom Music Train are available

1) Favorite

Players can put their favorite songs up to 20 songs.

(It is available from "My page" on http://www.piugame.com and can be played in the "Favorite Channel" of the game.)

2) Custom Music Train

Players can make their own "Music train" and it is available up to 3 slots.

(It is available from "My page" on http://www.piugame.com and can be played in the "Music train Channel" of the game.)

5. Bugs fixed!


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