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Pump It Up XX WEB page open and release notice

PIUXX introduction, Game ID management and Reward titling WEB pages for the gameplay are opened first, and others including game data and rank will be opened later.

And there are the information of using Prime 2 AM.Pass card in PIUXX.

1. The card and game ID you have used in Prime 2 can be used in PIUXX, too.
2. If you are using your Prime 2 AM.Pass card, you can use it directly from PIUXX game without homepage registration. If you want to transfer through PIUXX homepage, you must enter the card serial number and prime 2 game ID you have used.
3. You can not use the prime 2 cards that were used in the unregistered state (ex. PIUOOOOOOOO)
4. You can not register a new card on the Prime 2 website anymore.

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