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PIU XX v1.01.0 Update notice
PUMP IT UP·2019년 2월 28일 목요일확인 1,185회
Hello everyone.
We would like to notice the official update of PIU XX - the 20th anniversary edition v1.01.0 version.
★ How to update ★
1. Prepare recognizable USB for the machine.
2. Please download PIU XX update patch file, and then save it on the root of your USB.
Link : 1.01.0 patch
3. Lastly, insert USB into the machine of PIU XX, then press “Test” button located in the service box of machine and go to "SETUP / USB DRIVE" menu and select "SYSTEM UPDATE"
The update will be processed and rebooted automatically.
* If the machine is connected with internet, update file will be downloaded automatically and the update will be processed when the machine is rebooted.
(Downloading depends on Internet speed)

★ Update notice ★
1. For updates, you can use normal USB you have (Some USBs might be incompatible).
2. It is not able to update the latest version without installing previous versions.
* You are required to update as following order and we attached these previous patch files for your convenience.
( 1.00.1 patch -> 1.00.2 patch -> 1.00.3 patch -> 1.01.0 patch )
3. You must put the update file on USB root. (Do not put it in any other folders)

★ Update list ★


1. New Songs

1) Title : The Little Prince (Prod. Godic)
BPM : 115
Category : K-POP
Step charts : S4, S7, S9, S13, S16, D11, D14, D19
S??, D?? (Unlocked step)
2) Title : Boong Boong (Feat. Sik-K) (Prod. GroovyRoom)]
Artist : HAON
BPM : 136
Category : K-POP
Step charts : S1, S3, S5, S9, S11, S18, D16
S??, D??, D?? (Unlocked step)
3) Title : Timing
BPM : 164
Category : K-POP
Step charts : S2, S4, S7, S15, D11, D16
S??, D?? (Unlocked step)
4) Title : Ice of Death)
Artist :Fiverwater
BPM : 172
Category : Original
Step charts : S7, S10, S17, D11, D17, CO-OP
S??, D?? (Unlocked step)
5) Title :Xeroize
Artist : FE
BPM : 200
Category : Xross
Step charts : S12, S17, D18
S??, S??, D??, D?? (Unlocked step)
6) Title : Nihilism - Another Ver.-
Artist : Nato
BPM : 190
Category : World Music
Step charts : S8, S15, S18, D17
S??, D??, D?? (Unlocked step)
7) Title : 8 6 - FULL SONG -
Artist : DASU
BPM : 167
Category : World Music
Step charts : S??, S??, D?? (Unlocked step)
Artist : MAX
BPM : 175
Category : Original
Step charts : S3, S6, S11, S16, D12, D17
2. New Step Charts
1) Title: Jump
Step chart: D?? (Unlocked step)
2) Title: BBoom BBoom
Step chart: CO-OP
3) Title: BLACK SWAN
Step chart: DP4
4) Title: CLUB NIGHT
Step chart: DP5
5) Title: Dement ~After Legend~
Step chart: DP2
6) Title: I WANT U
Step chart: DP5
7) Title: I'M SO SICK
Step chart: DP3
Step chart: DP5
Step chart: DP4
Step chart: DP5
Step chart: DP4

12) Title: MACARON DAY
Step chart: DP3
13) Title : POSEIDON
Step chart: DP2

14) Title : SKEPTIC
Step chart: DP4

15) Title : VANISH
Step chart: DP4

16) Title : Wedding Crashers
Step chart: DP4

17) Title : Obliteration
Step chart: DP5

18) Title : Nyarlathotep
Step chart: DP4
19) Title : %X (Percent X)
Step chart: DP4
20) Title : HANN (Alone)
Step chart: DP4
21) Title : NEKKOYA
Step chart: DP3
22) Title : BOOMERANG
Step chart: DP3
23) Title : BBoom BBoom
Step chart: DP2
24) Title : VERY NICE
Step chart: DP4
25) Title : GOOD BYE
Step chart: DP3
26) Title : 86
Step chart: DP3
27) Title : Obelisque
Step chart: DP3
28) Title : Loki
Step chart: DP3

3. Mission zone update
1) Title : Fallen Angel
Step chart: D14
2) Title : Beethoven Virus
Step chart: S16
3) Title : Heart Attack
Step chart: S17
4) Title : Will-O-The-Wisp
Step chart: D18
5) Title : Like Me
Step chart: D19
6) Title : Last Rebirth
Step chart: S20
7) Title : Obliteration
Step chart: D21
8) Title :The People didn't know
Step chart: D22
9) Title : Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix)
Step chart: S23
10) Title : Dream To Nightmare
Step chart: D25
4. Online Matching System update
You can now match up game play with players all over the world!

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