EVENT | This is the announcement of 2019 Pump It Up Summer Festival winners!

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This is the announcement of 2019 Pump It Up Summer Festival winners!
As explained in 2019 PIU Summer festival announcement, this is the first official PIU online festival for players around the world who enjoy Pump It Up, and the total number of participants was at least 300.
Although it was not as many as we expected we increased the number of winners for the first event.
We are planning PIU WINTER FESTIVAL, so please join the festival next time.
1. Top 50 Rank : Special Reward Titles (released after the end of October)
          Titles can be given differently depending on their rank.
2. 100 prize lottery winners : PIU cushion (50 participants-cushion types will be random)
              New AM.PASS Card (50 participants)
Participants who did not fit in the rules, such as BGA DARK and unregistered location names, were excluded from the ranking.
Thank you all for participating.
* Top 50 players : see the picture
* Winners lottery video : https://youtu.be/tGqHgICHECU
* Winners must send to event@andamiro.com with their name, phone number and address (including country) until September 30th.
(The winner who get AM.Pass card & cushion can send an email one time.)
Thank you.

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