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Hello everyone.

Some bugs were found in the PUMP IT UP XX v2.03.0 update.
The modification patch progressed to version v2.03.1. Please refer to the below for the correction.

1.Twist of Fate feat. Ruriling CO-OP(2) - Bug fix without step.
2.VANISH CO-OP(2) - fixed the problem with the steps.
3. Iolite Sky D24 - Minor Bug Modification.

Please check the latest version and use the v2.03.1 version.
Thank you.


link : http://bitly.kr/Z0Ms4UNB4KO
File download : v2.03.1


Hello everyone.
We would like to notice the Ninth official update of PIU XX - the 20th-anniversary edition v2.03.0 version.
Please visit the link for more information.


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