Full mode

If you start a game with AM.PASS Card / USB or input the FULL mode code durnig Basic mode,you can enter into FULL Mode.

Full mode is the preferred interface for Pump It Up mania users and it supports various kinds of channels with features such as over 300 songs,
different channels for versions, Quest Zone for USB users, and U.C.Step, etc which will satisfy all mania demands

Full Mode Command
AM.PASS Card / Access Full Mode by using a USB Profile or by inputting a special code. Once in Full Mode, you can enjoy all game play types of Pump It Up.
Users who use AM.PASS Card / USB with an access code can access expanded game play modes only for AM.PASS Card / USB user such as Rank Mode, Quest Mode and User Customization.
ControlYou can control by the buttons look same like steps.