PIU 2015 PRIME 1.08.0 Update Information

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PIU 2015 PRIME 1.08.0 Update Information

Thank everyone for playing PIU 2015 PRIME.
We announce the update of PIU 2015 PRIME 1.08.0 version.

★ How to update ★
1. Prepare recognizable USB for the machine.
2. Please download PRIME v1.08.0 update patch file, and then save it on the root of your USB.

link 1 : (1.08.0 patch)

link 2 : (1.08.0 patch)
3. Lastly, insert USB into the machine of PRIME, then press “Test” button located in the service box of machine and go to "SETUP / USB DRIVE" menu and select "SYSTEM UPDATE"
The update will be processed and rebooted automatically.
* If the machine is connected with internet, update file will be downloaded automatically and the update will be processed when the machine is rebooted.
(Downloading depends on Internet speed)

★ Update notice ★

1. For updates, we highly recommend using official PIU USB. (Some USBs might be incompatible).

2. It is not able to update the latest version without installing previous versions.

(You are required to update as following order 1.01.0 -> 1.01.1 -> 1.02.0 -> 1.03.0 -> 1.04.0 -> 1.05.0 -> 1.06.0 -> 1.07.0 -> 1.08.0)

* We attached these previous patch files for your convenience.

( 1.01.0 patch -> 1.01.1 patch -> 1.02.0 patch -> 1.03.0 patch -> 1.04.0 patch -> 1.05.0 patch -> 1.06.0 patch -> 1.07.0 patch ->  1.08.0 patch)

3. You must put the update file on USB root. (Do not put it in any other folders)


★ Update list ★

1. NEW Song
1) Song : Silhouette Effect

Artist : Nato

BPM : 167

Default step chart : S4, S7, S10, D12
Unlock step chart : S?, D?

2) Song : Annihilator Method

Artist : DM Ashura

BPM : 192

Default step chart : S7, S10, S15, D12

Unlock step chart : S?, S?, D?

3) Song : Silhouette Effect(Shortcut)

Artist : Nato

BPM : 167

Default step chart : S17, D18

2. New unlock step charts

1) Song : Hypnosis

Artist : Banya

Unlock Step chart : S?, D?

3. Quest zone
Quest “Chapter8” is updated.

1) Blaze Emotion

Step chart : S9, S16, S17, S18

2) Toccata

Step chart : S10, S17, D17, D18

3) Solitary 2

Step chart : S8, S17, D18, D20

4) Matador

Step chart : S10, S18, D19, D21

5) Utopia

Step chart : S9, S17, D18, D22

4. Unlocked Step charts
1) You got me crazy : S17, S18, D18 - released!
2) Interference : D21 - released!

5. UCS(User Custom Step)!
Finally, you can use UCS in PIU 2015 PRIME!
By using this function, you can make and play your own step charts to the maximum 5 charts!
WEB pages of UCS will be opened in 28, August, too.
Please refer to the UCS WEB page for the details.


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Shirochu님의 댓글

Shirochu 작성일

와우 UCS 기능ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

PRIME!님의 댓글

PRIME! 작성일

안녕하세요? 관리자 입니다.
현재 힙노시스의 추가 해금스텝 중 하나의 조건대상스텝이 일반스텝에서 해금스텝으로 잘못 지정되어 플레이가 불가능하게 되었으며, 해당 해금스텝 조건을 완료할 수 없는 문제가 있었습니다.
따라서, 해금스텝 조건대상인 D15레벨을 최소한의 가격인 10PP 를 사용하여 해금할 수 있도록 조치하였습니다.
게임 이용에 불편함을 드려 대단히 죄송합니다.

Shirochu님의 댓글

Shirochu 댓글의 댓글 작성일

힙노시스 D15의 스텝해금은 계속 10PP로 유지되나요?
아니면 일정 기간 후에 다시 복구되나요?

FlyingPig님의 댓글

FlyingPig 작성일

드디어 UCS가..!



그럼 usb없으면 힙노시스 d15는 플레이 불가인가요?



1.05패치가 다운로드가 안되는것 같습니다만..

yhaayha92님의 댓글

yhaayha92 작성일

Pliss request song from BIG BANG album MADE SERIES

legendofalekz님의 댓글

legendofalekz 작성일


Chory님의 댓글

Chory 작성일

interference D21 doesn't exist in my machine. is it a bug?


MUSICLOVE 댓글의 댓글 작성일

Yes... it is a bug. they will fix it through this month
's update

eyeless님의 댓글

eyeless 작성일

como hago para comprar los niveles