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NOTICE | Notice for end of users rating for contest

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Notice for end of user's rating for contest

Hello everyone

The period for user to rate is ended.

Final result of contest will be announced on 2015.12.23 We will also notice additional step by development team.
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평가 참여자가 그리 많지 않고, 인맥이 넓은 인물이 주변을 섭외하면 순위 판도를 뒤흔들 수 있는 상황. 콘테스트가 진행되고 있었다는 것 자체를 알지 못한 사람들도 있습니다.
지금처럼 조사표본의 신뢰성이 분명하지 않은 경우에는, 전문가라고 할 수 있는 제작진의 판단이 좀더 개입된다고 해도 크게 이의를 표할 사람이 많지 않을 것 같습니다.

JUMY님의 댓글

JUMY 작성일

MOONFLOWER님 말씀이 백번 옳습니다

그래서 저는 콘테스트 일부러 참가하지 않았습니다

인맥으로 승리할수밖에없는 말도안되는 심사기준은 대체 왜 검토 안하시는지

Nek0x2님의 댓글

Nek0x2 작성일

Unfair results will be unfair. I love this popularity thing.

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K3naiN3xus 댓글의 댓글 작성일


Rustination님의 댓글

Rustination 작성일

그러게요. 진행되는 모습 보니까 완전 인맥빨이던데

Kuromomo님의 댓글

Kuromomo 작성일

하는 줄도 몰랐네 ㅋㅋㅋ 정확히는 끝난 줄도 몰랐음 ㅋㅋㅋ



Please don't make this popularity contest anymore. It's not fair.



My Suggestion about next competition.
You still can use the system of popularity just like what you have did to filter (for example) the top 10 steps.
As the first competition, you did the evaluation on the top 10 steps.
The point is, the evaluation is the only way to decide the winner and looking for additional steps. The popularity system (likes, downloads, rates) just for filtering all of the top 10. After It is filtered it's all up to the judges.

So, the 1st who come in the popularity is not guaranteed to be a winner.


KUROKUN 댓글의 댓글 작성일

It would still be unfair for people who don't have their own "personal army" to back them up in the popularity ranking. What if the Top 10 are all people who got there because of their friends? What if one of them is a member of a Facebook group who's members are willing to comment and Like for them? The U.C.S Contest before this one had the same problem, this one is just accepting it as a fact.

It's a trend to see people of the submitter's same country commenting and Likeing on the stepchart. It's foolish to think that the users will pick the "best chart" - they are fine with it as long as it doesn't have stupid double steps and has a bit of rhythmic accuracy. The development team is different. They review the chart and see how well it goes to the song, verify that the patterns are relevant to the current rhythms (for example, making sure a Scale isn't charted as a goddamn Drill) and pretty much do some serious Quality Control before adding the chart to the game... Well, not so much considering the "accident" that was The Revolution S21. I had to give my Single chart to a friend (VALIUS) because of the ID Level 20 restriction so he could enter the contest for me, but it didn't make it that far. Looking at the competition, I'm not ashamed to say it's a better chart than most of the entrants.

The only way we can fix this is having the development team look at /every single chart/ and pull off their conclusions. Comments and Likes will play their part - as incentive for the development team to look at the chart - but they're mostly useless if not coming from the right people: People who know how a good stepchart looks, and what makes a good stepchart.
I don't care what the development team does, I just want them to stop looking at obvious bandwagons that have the same flag and look more into the other, probably better stepcharts.


KAZEMURA 댓글의 댓글 작성일

I got the point. I think your idea still the most ideal idea. All development team still have to see and judge all of the steps. Thats truely what we want.

My point is about possibilities about checking all the steps. So, my suggestion is about filtering. How to filter? My comment is my suggestion which still use the same way of that kind of popularity.

How about another filtering method? It is about development choice to do that.

The BEST things is checking all of them but if they CANNOT do that, that's my idea for filter.

Felixor님의 댓글

Felixor 작성일

Definitely stop using popularity system...
because if more badly stepped stepchart wins again because of this system, there will be more pump it up players who will be disappointed