NEW FUNCTION PUMP IT UP PRIME 2 Let's take a look at new functions in PUMP IT UP PRIME2!
Random train
The content you can play 4 random songs in a row. It will increase more tension since it will select random music and step in every stage.
Maximum 4 stages you can play,total 10 groups are devided,
you can choose the level group you play and enjoy. You can compete with users internationally by online rank.

Rival system
You can check and compare your rival's score in real time.
All scores toward all steps you can compare in real time.
You can feel that you actually play with the rival beside you, maximum 3 rivals you can set.
Auto velocity system
Prior AV(Auto Velocity) command is modifed.
You can set BPM note speed instead of velocity concept like X2, X3, X4 in before.
You can set BPM by 1 unit and this means you can set note speed in very precisely.
Auto velocity system is available only in [FULL MODE, RANK MODE]. You can set it by AUTO VELOCITY menu in command window.