Enter ID you want to check information

This function allows you to set any users your rival and compete your scores that your rival's record will be shown in each step.

Rival setting is only enabled when you allow your id search, and you can always make changes in setting if you do not want to set up your rival.
When you choose the step, your rival's score data is displayed that you can compare your own score to it during the game. You can set upto 3 users as your rivals.

I allow my game ID to be searchable.
* You cannot use rival function if you do not agree.
Registered rivalRival setting
SELECT Country Game ID Level EXP RegDate DELETE
This function is only enabled when you agree to have your ID searchable.
Rival who registered me
Rival list

- Through rival search, you can register other users as your rival.
- You can set upto 3 users as your rivals. Once registered, you will be displayed in [Rival who registered me] of your rivals.
- There is no limit in changing your rivals.
- You can always edit rival agreement, and if you do not agree, your rival list will be deleted.